Triade BV awarded ZDHC MRSL V3.1 for their leather and textile products.

Published 12th September 2023

Eurofins|Chem-MAP are pleased to announce that Triade BV have been awarded ZDHC certification for their leather and textile products. In accordance with the most recent conformity guidelines disclosed by ZDHC in November 2022, 187 chemical formulations have been added to the ZDHC gateway as conformant to MRSL V3.1.

The primary goal of Triade is to deliver high quality products and providing customer-oriented solutions. This requires investments in time and research. Triade pursues long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, highlighting the importance of social and ecological responsibilities in the entire chain.

“With the completion of MRSL analyses on both finished goods and raw materials alongside an onsite chemical management assessment, the Eurofins | Chem-MAP team are pleased to share that Triade are certified as ZDHC conformant. The significance of sustainable chemistry to Triade is demonstrated by this certification. states Lottie York, Sustainable Chemistry Business Development Lead, Eurofins | Chem-MAP programme.

“We support the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations and are committed to achieve a world where economic development is combined with care for people and the planet. Therefore, we fully support the goals of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero programme. We strive to minimize not only our own impact on the environment, but also in our supply chain. Transparency and traceability are the cornerstones of our organisation. Our quality and chemical management system is tailored to ensure MRSL conformant purchasing and production. All our products, including those not registered on the ZDHC gateway, are frequently tested using a risk-based approach. By doing so we can ensure our dyes meet the highest industry standards.” Rafael Moya, Sales Director, Triade BV.

About Triade BV

Triade B.V. was first established in 1946, as a manufacturer of synthetic dyes for the textile industry. Due to several years of exceptional contact with customers and manufacturers around the world, the product range has been able to expand to dyes for leather, paper, and other non-textile applications.

Triade is extremely familiar with the ins and outs of dyestuff production and knows how to anticipate trends in colour. Thanks to its unique position as a co-producer among renowned makers of dyestuffs, Triade has a privileged insight on this complex and sometimes flustering market. Nowadays, Triade’s dyestuffs can be found in every corner of the world and are sold in more than 70 countries through local agents or distributors.

Triade aims to ‘colour the world with care’ for people, and the planet.


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