Once vegan verification of a product has been achieved, there is the opportunity to become BeVeg Certified.  The Eurofins | Chem-MAP testing programme is approved and listed with the standard and trademark.

Vegan Verification – Approved and listed with BeVeg.

Understand how the Eurofins | Chem-MAP vegan verification programme can support  with BeVeg trademark applications.

BeVeg Trademark registration


The Eurofins | Chem-MAP testing programme is approved and listed with US-based company BeVeg, as a robust way of verifying products, materials and chemicals as vegan.

BeVeg is the world’s only ISO accredited vegan technical standard, trademark and program, which makes it the most reliable vegan trademark claim on the global marketplace. BeVeg brings uniform applicability and well-defined standards that meet consumer expectations when reviewing a vegan label.

BeVeg is an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification standard built in accordance with ISO/IEC 17067 as a conformity assessment programme and accredited by the National Accreditation Centre (NAC).



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