Chemical Management Audits for the Entire Supply Chain

A Eurofins | Chem-MAP Chemical Management Audit enhances your knowledge of how chemicals are managed within your supply chain. Our experienced team of auditors has the technical capability to audit brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and chemical companies around the world. Our audits help you understand which sites are compliant with ZDHC objectives and any chemical risks to people and the environment.

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What is a Chemical Management Audit and who should have one?

The responsible management of chemicals is a critical element of sustainable business practice with brands and retailers becoming increasingly concerned about the upstream chemical inputs into materials, and the impact on both people and the environment.

Brands and retailers, manufacturers and chemical or material suppliers could all benefit from a Eurofins | Chem-MAP Chemical Management Audit to inform their management of chemicals throughout the whole supply chain. A thorough and accurate audit can provide you with assurance that your suppliers are;

  • Complying with ZDHC objectives
  • Minimising MRSL and RSL failures
  • Maximising worker safety
  • Reducing the risk of product and material contamination

Chemical Management Audit Area

The Eurofins | Chem-MAP team will conduct an independent on-site audit of your chemical management systems, which focusses on your processes and the effectiveness of their implementation at all levels of the global supply chain.

View the criteria examined on a Eurofins | Chem-MAP chemical management audit below. Contact us to discuss an audit and for a quotation:

Structure and content of the chemical management policy

Alignment of policy with corporate philosophies

Scope of materials tested

Scope of testing and limits

Frequency of testing

Due diligence on the finished product

Failure management and corrective action

Effectiveness of the communication of policy and process

Material procurement

On-boarding process for new suppliers or materials

Policy review process and frequency

Future proofing (changes in industry direction and/or legislation)

Global perspectives

Completion of recommended actions from previous

Compliance with ZDHC objectives

Maximising worker safety

Why should you choose to audit with Eurofins | Chem-MAP?

The Eurofins | Chem-MAP team includes experienced chemists, consultants, and regulatory experts who have a proven track record of successful collaboration with many global brands on chemical management audits. We have the commercial understanding and technical capability to work with brands, retailers, manufacturers, and chemical or material suppliers, across various material types including leather, textiles, synthetics, and hardware.

Eurofins | Chem-MAP offers your business the opportunity to go one step further than our competitors allow. We offer full analytical MRSL testing, an upstream supply chain assessment, and certified staff training. Your business can also take advantage of our unique technical expertise in various material types including leather.

Unlike our competitors, we are transparent in how we communicate the structure of Chem-MAP certification within our programmes. We also offer innovative standalone services that support materials claims such as MRSL testing to customer specifications and vegan verification of chemicals through our vegan certification programme.

Furthermore, Eurofins | Chem-MAP ensures that your business and suppliers maintain consistent standards through a recommended annual re-audit to monitor ongoing compliance and improvements.

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