Josef Seibel gain Eurofins|Chem-MAP lab accredited Vegan Verification.

Published 7th October 2022

Eurofins | Chem-MAP are pleased to announce that Josef Seibel has been awarded the Vegan Verification mark for their first vegan range, comprising of thirteen different styles across four ranges; Venus, Peyton, Glider and Ventura.

The Vegan Verification programme developed by Eurofins | Chem-MAP gives manufacturers the assurance that raw materials used in the production of materials and – ultimately the finished product, have not been derived from animal origin.

The ranges were tested by Eurofins | Chem-MAP for animal derived ingredients using a combination of FTIR analysis, and Fibre ID, DNA analysis for the presence of mammal, bird, fish, insect, crustacean, and mollusc DNA.

Westland by JOSEF SEIBEL – Vegan Range

‘More than just words, vegan verified’

Introducing Westland by JOSEF SEIBEL, forward-thinking footwear that is unapologetically vegan. As practical as on-trend, this range does not disappoint. From the modern utilitarian combat to the contemporary hiker, there’s something for every style guru.

Westland by JOSEF SEIBEL prides itself on technical know-how to focus on the essence of a shoe, its comfort, whilst retaining an optimistic outlook to the future, combining craftsmanship and embracing change to bring modern everyday styling to the forefront.

Westland’s vegan footwear range is 100% free from animal ingredients, animal testing, and cross-contamination, all products in the Westland by JOSEF SEIBEL vegan range have been independently tested so that we can be confident that the manufacture and development of our products and their ingredients do not involve or have involved, the use of any animal product, by-product, or derivative. In doing so we proudly display the Vegan trademark.

That’s not all… Westland’s vegan footwear styles are made with a special waterproof membrane, ensuring all-day comfort no matter the weather.

Working with Josef Seibel


The Eurofins | Chem-MAP Vegan Verification team worked with Josef Seibel on collecting the Bill of Materials data for their first vegan women’s footwear range going into John Lewis and other wholesale partners with which they work. Data included a breakdown of all components, materials and chemicals used in the production of the shoes.


A bespoke testing protocol based on the risk of each input component was developed by the Eurofins | Chem-MAP team.


Eurofins | Chem-MAP Vegan Verification team ran COSHH assessments on any chemicals that required testing, with Safety Data Sheet provided by Josef Seibel.


Samples for testing were sent from Josef Seibel to the Eurofins | Chem-MAP Vegan Verification team and were tested in the UK.


Eurofins | Chem-MAP Vegan Verification team collected declarations of conformity from Josef Seibel for their finished product and monitored the risk of cross contamination.


Eurofins | Chem-MAP Vegan Verification team then issued test reports for each component that has been tested.


Josef Seibel’s test reports showed compliance with the Vegan Verification standard and Eurofins | Chem-MAP Vegan Verification team issued certification and a style guide outlining correct usage of the Vegan Verification mark. Josef Seibel’s was then able to use the Vegan Verification mark on their women’s footwear range to substantiate vegan claims.


As Eurofins | Chem-MAP are a Vegan Society testing partner, Josef Seibel was able to fast-track their registration with The Vegan Society for use of their trademark and the Eurofins | Chem-MAP Verification Mark.

Vegan Announcement

“Eurofins | Chem-MAP are proud to have worked with Josef Seibel on the Vegan Verification of their first vegan footwear range. Using DNA analysis, FTIR analysis and fibre ID, we have been able to provide Josef Seibel with evidence that their women’s footwear range does not contain traces of animal derivatives, allowing the brand to substantiate their vegan claims.

The Eurofins | Chem-MAP team are confident that by awarding a popular brand such as Josef Seibel with the lab accredited Vegan Verification mark in collaboration with The Vegan Society’s ‘vegan trademark’, Josef Seibel will be taking the lead and encouraging other high street retailers to gain verification of their vegan status beyond supplier self-made declarations.” states Lottie York, Sustainable Chemistry Programme Lead, Eurofins | Chem-MAP – Vegan Verification programme.


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